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Ways to Find Prospects Using Twitter

People use Twitter to market themselves, their products or Brand.  They do so by sharing articles, blog posts, using hashtags and automating their DM’s and scheduling their tweets.  These are good strategies to promote stuff on twitter but limiting your twitting strategies to these will limit your brand exposure.  There are a lot of tools that now automate a lot of the processes that twitter do manually. Though using automation, makes your social media profile depersonalized and this might put off customers who prefer to relate with a live personality.  Finding the right audience and engaging with them one on one by asking and answering questions as in a live conversation will get you more customers. Imagine someone reaching out because you clarified a doubt or posted a video that showed how your product works?  That’s the kind of responses we want for our businesses, isn’t it?  Let’s show you how to get your prospects coming, in 3 quick ways. Get more info on

You can choose to make a video showing clips of how your product is made or how an end-user should assemble it.  You can also make a video of your workers at work or someone from the management team or declaring a give away from your company. Whatever video you choose to make, the goal is to build a relational trust with your viewers so they can feel confident in buying your product. It is easy to make live video broadcasts on Twitter. Tap Compose a Tweet on the Twitter app. Hit the “live icon”. Give your stream a title. Then go live by hitting the “Go live” button.

Use Twitter Ads to drive traffic to a landing page

You can use Twitter ads to drive traffic to different social media pages where you give information about your product or services in return for the e-mail addresses of prospective customers.
You can also buy Twitter ads to promote giveaways. Structure the giveaway such that your intending customers qualify for it.  You don’t want to spend money on ads that everyone would qualify for. Remember, the goal is to draw in potential customers.
Set your basic target audience options; their age, gender, location and device. And your advanced target audience options, such as; keywords, followers and interests. These criteria will help you narrow down your audience to include specific prospects for your business. You can target audience from your competitor’s followings, your followings and users similar to them. Then choose where you want your ads to show -on timelines, on profiles or in tweet detail pages. Then decide how much you want to spend on your campaign. The minimum daily budget is $0.01. You can scale up depending on your estimated reach and your pocket power.

Use search funnel to find people who tweet your desired keywords

Imagine you are an architect and someone tweets “How I need a sane architect right now?” That’s a potential hot lead, right? This section will show you how to search for tweets relevant in your niche using Twitter’s Advanced Search. The goal is to engage such questions and tweets until they become sales for your business.

Enter your search statement in the “Twitter Advanced Search”. Here, you have a couple of options to choose from. If you choose the “All of these words” option. The Advanced Twitter search will bring up tweets containing your search words in any order.  But if you choose the “This Exact phrase” option, you’ll have tweets from others in the exact order with which you searched for it.

You can also search by accounts, location and negative or positive reactions of the tweet. For instance, if you sell local rice in Alabama.  You can enter a search like ‘Who thinks Alabama rice is great?’ This way, you’ll get tweets narrowed down to your location and responses (both positive and negative) of what people think of your rice.

Once your search results are in, respond to people’s questions or comments directly instead of liking their tweets or retweeting them. This way, your prospects have a direct relationship feel with you and will trust you enough to make purchases from you. 


Searching for desired keywords all the time can be cumbersome and tiring. You can alternate between using the Twitter Advanced Search and the If This Then That (IFTTT) search. 

The IFTTT lets you get notification in your email whenever anyone searches a phrase or keyword that is related to yours. Here’s how to set up IFTTT.

Click “My Applets” bar at the top of your twitter page.

Click on “New applet”.

Then click “+this” to set up the trigger for action. Here, choose “Twitter” as the service then “New tweet from search” as the trigger option.

Type your search words in the “Search for” space and hit the “Create trigger” bar.

Click “+that” to set up the result means for your search.

Select “e-mail” as the action service and “Send ma an e-mail” as the action.

Click “Create action” on the next page. Here, you would be asked if you want to receive notifications when the applet runs.

If you choose to turn this notification on, you will receive notification every time the applet runs whether it finds tweets related to yours or not.

If you choose not to turn it on, you will just receive emails when tweets related to your search are found.

Hit “Finish” and you will start receiving e-mails related to your search any time anyone tweets them! That’s it! 3 to 4 cool ways to find your business prospects using your Twitter account. Follow these tips and you’ll soon be making fast sales through your engaged twitter prospects.

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